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N2 Media is dedicated to implementing a full-picture approach to technology and marketing solutions that exceed modern expectations. We are experts in integrating the most efficient software platforms that are developed based on your unique company wants and needs.

HOW was N2 Media founded?

N2 Media’s co-founder, Nathan White, started his career as a consultant for technical infrastructure under his father’s company. Many of the solutions that were currently in place for his fathers company were pieced together by separate companies that did not work or cooperate with each other. Software that was implemented by individual companies resulted in a highly compartmentalized infrastructure that lacked integration. For example, the accounting system did not integrate with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, marketing did not establish return on investment off of real business data, and IT was one “band-aid” solution after another. The lack of communication between the companies caused many inefficiencies as well as overspending on marketing. 

Nathan understood that the issues with his father’s company could be fixed by architecting and implementing a new technical infrastructure. The new plan would allow for better results, as each division within the company would be connected with each other as well as each aspect of technology and marketing. N2 Media was born out of this idea: there are other companies that may be suffering internally as well, looking to link the pieces together and optimize their business processes. Nina and Nathan discussed the business idea and realized that not only does a company need a proper technical infrastructure to function, but also needs great strength in marketing to allow it to prosper.

What Makes us special

N2 Media takes the “full picture” approach. This means that rather than create a band-aid solution; we create a fully integrated system that will dynamically scale with your company as needs grow. This allows for an adaptive infrastructure that will decrease process time and increase profit, as well as allow for you to properly scale your company. 

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